What I learned From Politics – Part 2

Despite what the public believes, most people enter politics with good intentions.

However, the public is correct when they believe that those good intentions evolve very quickly into personal empowerment and enrichment.  Sadly, voters acquire most of their election information from political ads, and are preoccupied with a candidate’s image and personality, so they seldom see those very traits in their own elected officials.

There is far too much preoccupation with whether some legislation will pass than what the legislation actually does.

Throughout history, many dreamers with grand visions of utopia acquired power.  Tragically, the people under those dreamers too often paid a terrible price for those visions.

Politicians cite “majority rule” when the public agrees with them, and “minority rights” when the public does not agree with them.

When they do not receive the majority vote, the minority simply turns to the courts to overturn the majority’s will.

Einstein proved that time is relative.  Politicians proved that truth is relative.

Politicians love to announce their policies in grandiose style, but their “visions” are seldom concerned with details.  It is the reason the wars on poverty, drugs, homelessness, obesity, unemployment, and illiteracy have failed.

When push comes to shove, politicians love to shield themselves from criticism by hiding behind the phrase, “But it’s for the sake of the children.”

The only time a politician is at a loss for words or does not have answers to basic questions is when they are in the middle of a scandal.

Politicians really do represent the will of the people.  If they did not, they would not be overwhelmingly reelected.  The next time a politician says or does something stupid, reflect on what it reveals about your fellow voters.

Politicians pleaded with us to send them more money and grant them more power so they could serve us better.  We obliged, and now it is we who are serving them.

Considering the high percentage of lawyers in public office, apparently, earning a law degree means that you are more qualified to be an elected official than doctors, engineers, scientists, educators, business leaders, academia, inventors, technology and health care specialists, and every other profession combined.

The Bible says that money is “the root of all kinds of evil.”  Politicians believe that more money can solve all kinds of problems.  Does anybody else notice a connection there?

In America, both Republicans and Democrats accuse each other of shredding the U.S. Constitution.  This is still arguably better than the U.S. Supreme Court, who ignores it completely.

The older I get, the more Supreme Court decisions and rationale seem to make as much sense as the Braille lettering on drive-thru ATMs.

If there is ever another world war, we should hire the IRS to develop the code to encrypt our secret messages.  No foreign enemy could ever break it.

In general, people do not object to war.  They just oppose losing a war and the casualties associated with war.  Amazingly, many people do not see a link between the two.

In addition, the longer the period between wars, the less opposition there will be for another war.

The United States of America once fought a war to gain independence from a King.  But watch any State of the Union address, and you will see a President acting like a king addressing his royal subjects.

There has been a lot of talk about voter identification and voter rights.  Yet, nothing erodes voter’s rights more than the judicial activism that overturns the will of the people, and the vast unelected bureaucracies that pass regulations, and decree penalties, without any accountability to the people they supposedly serve.  This is legislation without representation, and is tantamount to tyranny.


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