My Twitter Tweets for the Past Year

I joined Twitter a few months ago and have been tweeting ever since. I am not sure many people actually read my tweets. More likely, it scrolls right by most people, while they are composing their own tweet about the efficacy of their new laxative. Yes, some tweets are just too personal.

Like many, I wonder where the tweets go once they scroll off the screen. No one knows for sure, however, the rumor is that the Chinese are collecting them, repackaging them, and exporting them back to us. They are available at most of those dollar stores for a buck. My own theory is that the government is secretly transporting them to an alien base that I read about on the dark side of the moon.

It is difficult sometimes to compose a tweet, since there is a 140-character limitation. Sometimes key words are omitted. Having said that, here are some of my Twitter tweets for the past year:

If your side is not willing to do battle in the Culture War, then do not act surprised when you lose.

All the good intentions in the world cannot compensate for bad results.

Do my eyes deceive me? Or are women getting better looking the older I get?

I have a rule of thumb. If your Biblical interpretation somehow diminishes God, then your interpretation is probably incorrect.

Cultural changes may improve our lives, but perhaps we could improve our lives more by being grateful for what we already have.

Isn’t it obvious that the more faith someone has in the government, the less faith they have in their fellow citizens?

I have spent years working on an article, “All I Know About Women.” Sadly, the article remains blank.

Why do so many married people take out every frustration they have on their spouse, but treat total strangers with respect?

Technology is increasingly moving beyond the comprehension of the average person. Will we master these advancements or succumb to them?

When I take a woman to dinner, it is always on me. The way food falls off my plate and onto my lap, I mean that literally.

Wisdom is not condemning others failures, but learning from their mistakes.

People want governments off their bodies and out of their bedrooms, until it is time to pay for the Viagra and birth control pills.

The Bible quenches our spiritual hunger, while science explains the universe. Both are important, but only the Bible gives our lives meaning.

Taxation is no longer about just raising money for the government, but rather a weapon to use against political opposition

Nothing enhances a woman’s beauty like dim lights and alcohol.

Blood may be thicker than water, but any loving adopting parent can tell you that love is sometimes thicker than blood.

Why are there so few good people? The more a behavior is rewarded, the more of it we will see. Maybe society rewards the wrong behavior.

There are few things that make people more miserable than when they believe the world owes them something.

Anyone will tell you, the older they got, the more knowledge, wisdom, and experience they acquired. So why are we so obsessed with youth?

Two great wisdom quotes are: ”Look before you leap,” and “ He who hesitates is lost.” But don’t they contradict each other?

As Christian faith continues to decline in Western societies, we must ask ourselves: Is our culture improving or worsening?

A question mark can be straightened into an exclamation point if you keep your faith.

How much better would our society be if we spent as much time, money, and effort on relationships as we do acquiring technological gadgets?

We are a society that ignores the wisdom of the elderly. Then we are surprised when we repeat their mistakes.

If there is any connection between intellect and wisdom, I have yet to witness it.


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