More Things We Should Acknowledge About God

Here are more things that I believe we should acknowledge or accept about God.

I believe we must accept that God does not answer every prayer. There are two common explanations for unanswered prayers. The first is that God did answer the prayer, but the requester did not recognize it. While this is possible in some cases, it is ridiculous in others.  A common prayer request is to find a wonderful, compatible spouse. Clearly, any requester would recognize that answered prayer. The other common explanation is that God did answer the prayer, but the answer was “No.” That might satisfy a child, but let’s be honest here. People are expecting God to fulfill their request. Therefore, the term, “answered,” is a bit inaccurate.

There are other explanations for unanswered prayers. God may not grant requests that involve selfish motives. Praying for fame or fortune is probably unacceptable. Yet, we witness others that achieve fame or fortune. Some pray for a loved one to change – like a violent son, an alcoholic daughter, or an abusive spouse. While God may assist that person, it is really up to each individual to make the necessary changes in their lives. In addition, perhaps God feels that He does not just exist to answer our prayers. Who among us wants acknowledgement by people only when they want something from us? Whatever the reason, we must acknowledge that God does not answer every prayer request.

It is also true that the God of the Bible is difficult to love. Some might find this notion to be blasphemous. But who among us has not been angry with God? Think of it this way: God is able to create an entire universe, change your situation, answer your prayers, and solve all of your problems. Yet He does not do this. At times, many feel that He is distant from us. We feel isolated, alone, and abandoned. Despondently, we wonder, “Where is God?” At such times, we question why an omnipotent, omnipresent Being, who claims to love each of us as His children, allows us to suffer so much. Personally, I am skeptical about anyone who claims they love God with all of their heart. Deep down, even the greatest believer has a kernel of doubt about God’s love for us.

Many of us even question God’s existence. Yes, I do believe that even the most devoted believers among us do question God’s very existence at some point. And, I do not believe that God holds it against us. Ironically, those who claim that God does not exist seem to have no doubts about His nonexistence. Perhaps it is harder to believe than it is to doubt or deny.

Despite His apparent distance, and the daily personal struggles that each of us face, God wants us to be happy. In Proverbs we are told that “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” There are many verses about joy in the Bible. Yet, too many people take the notion that God wants us to be happy as a license to engage in immoral conduct. Cheating on a test because God wants you to get a good grade, cheating on a spouse because the other person brings you greater happiness, or lying about someone at work to get a promotion because God wants good people like you to get ahead are not acceptable. Yet, many believers engage in such conduct because they believe their happiness is more important than their moral conduct.


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