If America Falls – Part 1

If the unthinkable someday happens and America falls, future historians will debate the many causes. Here is what I believe will be some of them. If America falls, it will be because…

we believe that we are immune from the laws of poor economic decisions (running up budget deficits, massive trade deficits, and devaluating our currency) simply because we are born in America.

the purpose of our mighty military was once to win wars and maintain peace, and now it is increasingly to employ politically correct social theories.

we believe that taxes are political weapons to use against those we oppose, rather than just a means of raising money for the government.

diversity in politics is determined by diversity of skin color, sex, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, and not actual diversity in political ideas.

we talk about the necessity of diversity in our elected officials, yet those we elect are overwhelmingly lawyers.

we talk about the necessity of diversity in our elected officials, yet every President the people elected since Ronald Reagan attended either Harvard or Yale.

we once asked what we could do for our country, and now we ask what our country can do for us.

we believe that success is the result of government action, and not personal commitment, behaving responsibly, setting goals, and hard work.

we continuously reelect the very politicians about whom we complain.

we prefer to achieve equality by bringing down those at the top rather than raising those from the bottom.

we vote for officials based on what they can do for us personally, and not the good they can do for our country or community.

NASA’s mission was once space exploration, the Apollo moon-landings, and the advancement of science, but today it is to reach out to Muslims and make them feel good about themselves.

tragedies and national crises, which used to bring us together, are now exploited by politicians who only see political opportunity in them.

dissent is the highest form of patriotism when a party is out of power, but the greatest form of racism, sexism, and bigotry when that same party is in power.

becoming an elected official used to mean personal sacrifice and serving the public, and now it is a means to personally enrich themselves, shift taxpayer money to their family and friends, and exempt themselves from the very laws they pass.

the cost of running for high-level public office positions has become increasingly prohibitive, leaving only the very rich who can afford to run.

it now takes more time, money, and bureaucracy to repair an old bridge or a small stretch of highway than it did to build the Empire State Building (which took just fifteen months during the Great Depression).

government programs are judged on their good intentions and the ever-increasing amount of money they spend, and not on their effectiveness.

we continue to throw money at failed solutions rather than admit their failure and find better solutions.

our leaders do not see the absurdity in borrowing money from China and other countries (that we have to pay back with interest) just so we can distribute it as foreign aid to countries whose people not only do not appreciate the money, but sometimes actually hate us.

rather than make the difficult decisions on what not to spend today, we just spend it all, and will let our children pay it back in the future with interest. Equally as bad, our leaders consider these actions compassionate.

even in government wealth redistribution programs, much of the money is spent on bureaucracy, special interests, and waste, and little of it ever reaches the targeted poor.


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