If America Falls – Part 2

If the unthinkable someday happens and America falls, future historians will debate the many causes. Here is what I believe will be some of them. If America falls it will be because…

many politicians today understand the U.S. Constitution about as well as the two thousand page bills for which they vote without reading.

there is far too much preoccupation with whether some legislation will pass than what the legislation actually does.

no matter how much people insist they want civil discourse in election campaigns, demonization and smearing of political opponents is always a successful strategy.

reaching out and working with political opponents is the best way to lose your political office.

our civil and criminal trials are more about winning and creating rich, celebrity lawyers than dispensing actual justice.

our Constitution has become merely words to manipulate and achieve the legal result we want.

our Supreme Court Justices now cite foreign laws in their rulings, despite taking an oath to support only the U.S. Constitution.

we were once a country that was run “by the people” under the doctrine of “majority rule,” but today if the elites do not like what the majority ruled they simply turn to the courts to overrule the people.

regardless of a politician’s unintelligence, incompetence, ignorance, or inability to explain their positions, they are still very likely to be reelected.

whenever a policy is successful, whether it is to reduce crime, lower inflation, create jobs, or a foreign affairs initiative, the people quickly accept the achievement as the way things will always be, forget the way it was, and then go back and elect the very people whose policies caused the problems in the first place.

we assume that liberty and freedom will always win out against oppression and terrorism. Yet, the history of humanity says otherwise.

our leaders seem to be more interested in policing the world than policing our own streets.

we bring in millions of foreign immigrants to do the jobs that “Americans won’t do,” but when it comes to policing the world and shedding the blood of our young, foreign countries turn to Americans to do the job.

many great empires have fallen because their militaries were stretched too thin, yet we ignore history and continue to expand our military influence around the world.

we would like the average worker to receive higher wages, however, we do not want to pay the added costs for the products they produce, or the services they render. So we choose cheaper, imported products instead.

our companies prefer a quick profit to developing and maintaining excellent products.

large corporations are devoted capitalists when it comes to profits, but committed supporters of socialism when they produce losses.

our banks once invested in the hopes and dreams of the American people, and now they invest for quick profits on Wall Street.

our love of money and profit is greater than our love of country and patriotism.

prosperity breeds complacency, and the sense of spirit and adventure that won the “Space Race” has devolved into programs that distribute government checks and other benefits.

we created the VCR but made them in Japan, invented the smart phone, tablets, and pads but manufacture them in China, and defeated the Russians in the race to the moon, but now ask them to fly our astronauts to the International Space Station.


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