If America Falls – Part 4

If the unthinkable someday happens and America falls, future historians will debate the many causes. Here is what I believe will be some of them. If America falls, it will be because…

once if we did not agree with what someone said, we would still die for their right to say it. But today, we ostracize those with whom we disagree, and, in some cases, want to criminalize their words as a hate crime.

our leaders compare us with some theoretical utopia where we fall far short of the ideal, instead of comparing us to every other country in the world, where we compare quite favorably.

we have bastardized the language by labeling political disagreements as “declaring war,” disapproval as “hate,” budgetary and economic differences as “terrorism,” and social disputes as “ignorance” or “evil”.

our national motto is ‘e pluribus unum,’ which means “out of many, one.” However, the push to multiculturalism prefers many cultures to one unified culture. Yet, we wonder why we seem more divided today than ever before.

regardless how successful minorities become in our predominantly white country, the media, Hollywood, and academia still label us as a racist country.

despite arguments to the contrary, even our science has been hijacked by political correctness.

our elites now consider themselves first and foremost citizens of the world, and not citizens of our country. So, it is no wonder they no longer put America first.

the Western Culture that made us the freest people, and greatest country that ever existed, is now denounced by the very universities and experts it helped to create.

our leaders continuously tell us that all cultures are equal, and to treat other cultures with respect. Yet it appears difficult for those same leaders to find anything in our country that they believe deserves respect.

our elites believe they can completely transform the greatest nation that has ever existed, and build something even better – even though few of them have ever built anything worthwhile.

we blame economic conditions for our social problems, yet during the Great Depression, families were stronger, out-of-wedlock births (non-marital births) were rare, and overall crime was lower.

the father was once the backbone of the family, and today he is regarded at best as irrelevant, and at worst a cancer in the family that must be removed.

we enjoy the companionship of television more than the company of friends, family, and neighbors. And then we wonder why we have so few people on which we can rely.

stable families are now the exception, and divorce, and children out-of-wedlock, are the norm. And just as bad, government subsidies reward the latter.

we believe that how we feel is more important than what we actually know.

we believe that our dilemmas are new to the world, so we ignore the lessons of history.

we ignore the wisdom of the ages, and place our trust in the latest social trends.

we now expect the old to learn from the young, when throughout history it was always the young who turned to the old for their wisdom and experience.

our young quite possibly spend less time in the company of adults than any other previous generation. Consequently, they are not gaining the wisdom, morals, experience, and advice from people who have already endured their challenges.

we ignore the wisdom of the elderly, and then wonder why we repeat their mistakes.

we disregard the classical literature, music, and arts that helped to inspire and build our culture. Today, we favor whatever is new regardless of its quality.

we take our freedoms and liberties for granted, never realizing that in the history of the world such freedoms were atypical, and fleeting. And we assume we will never lose those precious freedoms, simply because we are Americans.


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