If America Falls – Part 6

If the unthinkable someday happens and America falls, future historians will debate the many causes. Here is what I believe will be some of them. If America falls, it will be because…

we believe we are immune from God’s judgement simply because we are American.

today we place ourselves first, when we used to regard ourselves under God, family, friends, and country.

God was a Creator whom we once held in fearful reverence, but today is increasingly regarded as a best buddy, a celestial Santa Claus, or a personal servant.

we are removing all mention of God from the public square, and replacing it primarily with empty secular rhetoric.

our Founding Fathers read publicly from the Bible, yet today zoning codes in some communities make it illegal to study the Bible, even in the privacy of one’s own home.

reading the Bible is becoming a sign of political extremism.

our leaders mention God in public either to push a political agenda or to ask for His blessings, and not to give Him thanks.

“separation of church and state” means something very different today than what our Founders envisioned.

art that merely depicts Mohammed is branded as hateful and intolerant, but when Christians complain about art that degrades Jesus, it is they who are declared hateful and intolerant.

there are calls for tolerance towards every group of people in our society except evangelical Christians.

to believe in a Higher Deity is considered superstitious and ignorant, but to accept and espouse the latest politically correct fad is the pinnacle of enlightenment.

we now place personal and political opinions over God, religion, and our faith.

we are increasingly confining the freedom of religion to the four walls of our places of worship.

we choose to accept what is personally convenient, and not time-tested Biblical truths.

we seek God only as a last refuge, and not in daily prayer.

to believe that God had a hand in our creation is considered to be faith and not science, but to believe that life arose from lifelessness and an entire universe came from nothingness is science and not faith.

we argue whether the stories in the Bible are factual or fictional accounts, while ignoring their timeless messages of morals and wisdom.

we believe that God’s greatest desire for us is to be happy. Yet, in the book of Micah, it is written that God requires us to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. Personal happiness has now trumped God’s will.

if the Old Testament prophets were alive today, is there any doubt they would be shouted down at universities, ridiculed by Hollywood, and denigrated by the media? And what does that tell us about the nature of the prophets’ critics?


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