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Are the Good at a Disadvantage?     New!

Which Presidents Belong On a Second Mount Rushmore? 

The American Version of Roman “Feather-Tickling” 

Scientific Challenges to Genesis 1 – The Fourth Creation Day

Our Greatest Challenge – The Secular Versus Judeo-Christian Perspective  

How I Reversed a Blood Sugar of 578 – Without Losing Weight

Men Need More Self-Control and Less Self-Esteem

The Hardest Aspect of Prayer Might Be Recognizing the Answer

The Barbarians Are At The Gate

Of Course Money Can Buy You Happiness

On A Crowded Planet We Are Becoming More and More Alone

Is Planet Earth Actually Hell?

Where is the Diversity in the United States Government? 

Is It Positive Thinking or Hope and Dedication?      

What the Bible Says About the Environment 


The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 7: What is the Purpose of Our Existence?

A Heck of a Way to Choose a President 

The Walls in My Life 

Why the American Voter is Frustrated 

Looking Back at My Life, When I’m 75 

When It Comes to Eating Junk, Once in a While is Most of the Time   

Why We Worship Jesus

How Many People Does America Need?          

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, Sucker  

Political Cliches That Deserve a Response – Part 2

The Young Stock Broker 

Gratitude is the Foundation to Personal Happiness

The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 6: Does Everything Happen for a Reason? 

Chopping Down the Last Tree      

Accepting the Consequences of Our Decisions

The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 5: Is Humanity Progressing?

The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 4: Is There an Afterlife?

Questions That Define Our Character  

The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 3: Is There a God?

I Remember a Time When . . .   

The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 2: Are People Good? and Do We Have Freewill?

The Biggest Questions in Life – Part 1: Is There Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe?

The Keys to Happiness 

Why I Pray There is a Hell 

The Endless Economic Theories of Wealth Creation

Fundamentalist Christians and The “Anti-Science” Label

Pain, Victimization, and the Mind

If America Falls – Part 7 

If America Falls – Part 6

If America Falls – Part 5

If America Falls – Part 4

If America Falls – Part 3

If America Falls – Part 2

If America Falls – Part 1

When the Traffic Lights Go Out on Main Street

Where is the Nuance in Our Thinking?

Why Government is Not Getting Us Anywhere – The Process

More Things We Should Acknowledge About God


My Twitter Tweets for the Past Year 

The Mind, Body, and Soul Connection 

The Amazing Effects of Exercise on Blood Sugar after Eating 

Our Something for Nothing Society

Whatever Happened to Actions Speak Louder Than Words? 

Never Assume You Can Explain a Tragedy 

Benefits of a Low Carb Diet 

Could Hitler Go To Heaven? 

How Grateful Are You?

Redistributing Wealth – Around the World

Created in God’s Image and Likeness 

Are We Rewarding Goodness?

Mothers, Daughters, and Government Assistance

The NFL, Tolerance, and Inclusiveness – Part 2  

The NFL, Tolerance, and Inclusiveness – Part 1  

Is Knowledge Being Suppressed? 

How Do You Get “IT”?

What I learned From Politics – Part 3 

Some Things We Should Acknowledge About God 

Abortion and the Death Penalty

The Truth About Weight Loss   

The Nature of Good and Evil

Favorite Life Quotes 

Political Clichés That Deserve a Response

What Does Our Culture’s Dress Down Mean?

We Did What the Experts Told Us – Education 

Three Graves and a Prayer  

What I learned From Politics – Part 2 

The Growing Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

Is It Stealing?

Will the United States Break Apart?

Alternative Medicine and the Placebo Effect

What I learned From Politics – Part 1

Why There is a Budget Deficit 

Scientific Challenges to Genesis 1 – A Creation Day

Would You Peek?  

Is Watching People Knowing People?  

The Constitution and Foreign Laws

Economics 1 – The Basic Economics of Trade and Wealth

The British and the Spanish Empires Today (Parts 1 and 2) 

Should You Marry for Love?

Is There a Seven-Year Curse on America?

Global Warming Hyperbole – Part 2

Global Warming Hyperbole – Part 1

The Park at Dusk 


Consumer Confidence

A Father’s Confession, A Daughter’s Anguish

Where is God? Free Will and Divine Intervention (entire essay: parts 1 – 4)

Where is God? – Part 4

God is Not in Control – Part 3

God is Partially in Control – Part 2

God is in Total Control – Part 1 

Who Makes the Better Father?

The Youth Vote

What Do We Want From God?

Two Islands, Two Theories 

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